How to find homes before they hit the market in Chantilly

February 23rd, 2016

How to find a home before they hit the market in Chantilly?

So you know, it is possible to find homes before they hit the market in Chantilly, but for now, the search engines won’t help.  We agents have inside websites, facebook pages as well as the ability to list and see homes before they hit the market in Chantilly, Va as well as many other areas around us in the DMV (District, Maryland & Virginia) area.  In fact, a new section in our listing agreement specifically asks sellers if they are willing to list their home “pre-market”.  This is something the seller must agree to before it is allowed.  Once allowed, the home can be marketed and therefore, found!

How can I find homes before they hit the market?

The easiest way is to inform your agent to look in certain areas at certain price points for homes in the new “coming soon” status in our MLS.  The next thing a good agent will do is to go to the “agent only” facebook pages and ask if anyone has an upcoming listing.  We agents really do work together to get your homes sold and so we love to communicate with other agents we know do good work and know how to get homes sold.  I contacted an agent today who I know specializes in a particular neighborhood and asked about any new listings of a particular style coming on the market soon.  As luck would have it, there is a home coming on the market tomorrow that fits my buyer’s criteria perfectly!  I’ve contacted them and will be in to see the home as soon as it’s active on the market.

What do agents do to let other agents know about homes before they hit the market in Chantilly?

We do exactly what you think, which is to post on agent only websites, call other agents who have reached out with interest in particular homes and list our upcoming homes in the MLS as “Coming soon”!  Unfortunately, if you are not an agent, you don’t have access to these sites, but below is an example of homes that have previously been listed as “Coming Soon”.  All the homes below are currently active for sale on the market here in Chantilly, Va.  If you have an area you’d like me to look into for your own purchase, and to find out what homes are coming on the market before they hit the market, let me know and I’ll send you some upcoming listings.   In the meantime, look at the list of currently active homes that were found before they hit the market!

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Why I like living in Poplar Tree Estates

October 16th, 2015

Life in Poplar Tree Estates

For over a dozen years I lived in Poplar Tree Estates and when I eventually did move, I only moved to another part of the neighborhood.   While I lived there I fell into the typical “sitcom” style life of the suburbs.  Friendly neighbors, neighborhood activities, like the bowling league, golf groups, Jock Day, tennis club and swim team duties.  I was part of a group that started the bowling league, more about that now:

Poplar Tree Estates Bowling League

The bowling league started when a few of us felt it would be a great idea to have the neighborhood get together once a month and all socialize while competing in a sport we could all do.  Who can’t bowl?  The idea was, use handicaps to keep things on a level playing field, open it up to the community and meet / socialize with other members of Poplar Tree Estates that we didn’t already know.  Well that first year only had about 2 dozen of us bowling, but ensuing years really took off.  We got up to 64 bowlers 1 year before tapering off to about 30-40 bowlers annually in our league.  It only meets once a month and it starts in September and ends in May (following the school year).  It still is going on and there is always room for a substitute if you only want to try it out.  Feel free to contact me if you want to find out more information about it.  We even have lessons we offered!

Poplar Tree Estates Golf League and tournament!

For about 10 years I ran a golf league on Tuesday evenings in the summer.  We would play at Twin Lakes Golf Course, meet around 5:30, get 9 holes in, then drink a beer or two and talk about our round.  As time went on, people wanted to play more than 9 holes, so we moved the start time up.  We managed to get anywhere from 12 -15 holes in , but realized if we didn’t start by 4-4:30, we weren’t getting in 18 holes.  The times moved up and the number of golfers moved down as most people had work and couldn’t get to the course as early as others and eventually there were only about 4 golfers, but there is room to bring it back.  Using the same theory as bowling, that we want to get to know our neighbors and socialize, we can bring this back.  I also ran a golf tournament for the neighborhood which had over 70 participants for a number of years.  Our proceeds went to the Jeffrey Virostek – Angel Kisses funds and we raised thousands of dollars for charity.

Schools in Poplar Tree Estates

WE have one of the best school pyramids in the Fairfax / Chantilly area right here in Poplar Tree Estates.  Poplar Tree elementary school is walking distance to most of the homes here as is Rocky Run Middle School.  The high school is Chantilly High and a couple of years ago was ranked the 69th best high school in the country!  Poplar Tree Elementary had the principle of the year for the state of Va about 10 years ago too!  All the teachers are very caring and do a great job in teaching our children.

Homes for sale in Poplar Tree Estates

The market turns over very quickly here in Poplar Tree Estates, but the best way to get word on a home for sale is by word of mouth thru the local Realtors (of which I am 1)!  For a complete list of immediately available homes in Poplar Tree Estates, look at the list below and call me for more information:


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Homes for Sale near International Country Club

March 30th, 2015

Want to live near a country club in Chantilly?

The nicest country club in the immediate area is International Country Club.  It has a fantastic golf course, indoor/outdoor tennis, a beautiful swimming pool and a fantastic clubhouse.  On top of all that, there are homes for sale near International Country Club!  You can buy a home and walk to the club in just a few short minutes!

There are townhouses and single family homes for sale near International Country Club

Within a very short walk, you can find both type homes as well as great shopping and restaurants.  It’s almost a no brainer to want to live here!  The course has a great layout and fantastic greens.  The clubhouse overlooks the first tee, tenth tee and eighteenth green!  What more could you want?

Look thru the homes below and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see.

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Homes for Sale near Chantilly National Country Club

March 30th, 2015

Want a home where you can walk to your local golf course, tennis and pool?

I always did, so I thought someone else may want to be able to walk to their local club too.  And this blog will help you find something.  As always, you’ll need some help to navigate the buying process but first you’ll want to see inside these homes.  Call or email me and I’d be happy to show them to you!

I think Chantilly National Country Club is one of the best local clubs around.

It’s an old style course with open fairways and fast greens.  What makes it enjoyable is that most of the players there WALK THE COURSE!  The club has been purchased by Club Corp so there is a great national affiliation with other great courses (like Firestone CC)!

There has been a large renovation and the new club is fantastic!  Great patio, dining room, new menu and more.  Contact me if you’re interested in buying a home nearby or just playing golf at the club!

There are a number of homes for sale near Chantilly National Country Club and below I’ve got a list of them all.

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Homes for Sale near Dogfish Head Alehouse

March 17th, 2015

If you are like many of us in the Fairfax area of Chantilly, you’ve come to know a fantastic Aleshouse called Dogfish Head Alehouse.

They brew their own beers locally as well as have seasonal favorites. There are good and bad aspects to this, the good being we’ve got great beer very nearby.  The bad part being most of us have to drive there to get it (albeit, not very far to drive).  The food is also fantastic, so why not solve 2 problems with 1 easy solution, buy a home near Dogfish Head!

Where to find Homes for Sale near Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax!

There is a neighborhood directly behind Dogfish Head Alehouse that has very affordable single family homes built in the early 70’s.  It’s name is Greenbriar in Fairfax.  It has NO HOA and about 5 different models all selling from the low $400K’s to the mid $500K’s.  There are a few other nearby neighborhoods but this is closest and one of the easiest to find a single family home for sale at reasonable prices.  Look over the list below and if you’d like to see something, give me a call!  Ken the Realtor @ 571-235-0129.

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Recent home sales in Poplar Tree Estates

February 26th, 2015

Recent home sales in Poplar Tree Estates Chantilly, Va

The winter season has brought a slowdown in sales in Poplar Tree Estates.  Currently, there is only 1 home on the market but the spring will change that as we all know.  A few home sellers were on the market this past fall and decided to pull homes off the market till the weather warms up.  We have been in a bit of a snowy deep freeze lately but that surely won’t last.  The spring market is around the corner and we know this always brings home sale activity.


Only 1 home for sale at the moment.

The only home currently for sale is on Tulip Tree Ct in Poplar Tree Estates.  It initially was a 4 level split, but with a recent renovation, has now become a 5 level home with a large master bedroom over the kitchen / dining area.   The master bedroom has a fantastic upgraded full bath that needs to be seen, along with a beautiful sitting area and laundry room.  Topping off the master is a balcony overlooking the fenced back yard and deck.


Thinking about selling a home?

If you are considering selling your home, this may be the right year to do it.  Give me a call or email and I will sit with you to discuss your options and help you determine if this is the right time to sell or not.

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Is it time to sell your home in Chantilly

August 7th, 2014

When is it time to sell your home?

Our spring market was a fantastic time to be a seller this year but how about now?  The traditional Real Estate market tends to slow down after July 4th until Labor Day if you look at the market historically.  This year is no different.  We hit the spring season running and homes were flying off the market while prices were shooting up.  Then July 4th hit and the market became saturated with homes while inventory increased.

If you want to sell your home, you may want to wait!

As stated, historically, the market tends to pick up after the Labor Day holiday.  Now, I usually say, put your home when you are ready!  But at this point, in this market, at this time, I’d advise waiting.  We are only a couple of weeks away from the start of the fall season and you are better off waiting.  In fact, it’s the perfect time to talk with a knowledgeable Realtor about what to do to make your home more presentable which will help get you top dollar and get off the market quickly!

Want to consult a home specialist about how to sell your home quickly?

We have a full time stager as part of our team who is more than willing to help you set your home up to look it’s best for buyers!  She knows what buyers are looking for and can help you with what to do next to make your home more desirable.  Call us for a free consultation and to help you understand how the market is going in your particular neighborhood.


If you are interested in another city in Northern Virgina, contact us directly.

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Chantilly homes for sale under $400,000

July 7th, 2014

Contrary to what you may think, you can still find a Chantilly home for sale under $400,000.

There are still a few neighborhoods in the Chantilly area that have single family homes at a reasonable price.  Most of these homes are 2 level but many of them are very nicely fixed up!  If you think  you’d like some land to call your own instead of being wedged against your neighbor in a townhouse, take a look at these and see if they are of interest:


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Heritage Hunt Active Adult Community

May 5th, 2014

Heritage Hunt Active Adult Community is located in Gainesville Va and is a gated Golf Course community.

What does Active Adult mean?

Active adult refers to a 55+ community that has amenities for the residents but no medical facilities associated directly with it.  Heritage Hunt Active Adult Community has tennis, golf , walking trails and a fantastic community center.  Many activities and clubs revolve around this particular center and you can find a schedule of events on their website at

Do I have to be over 55 to live here?

New laws state that you do not have to be over 55 to live here, but in Heritage Hunt Active Adult Community, 80% of the owners must be over 55 and 20% (or less) can be 50+.  Not all residents have to be in this age range, only owners.  Residents/ Family members must be 18+.   If you are over 50 yrs old and want to buy, contact us to find out if the percentages currently are working in your favor.

What do homes cost in Heritage Hunt?

There are a wide range of home styles and costs in Heritage Hunt.  I’ve got a full list of available homes below but please contact me to be sure they are still available as the market changes by the minute.  There are many different styles of homes as well as a wide variety of locations within Heritage Hunt, so call or email for a more in depth discussion.  We see a lot of Patio Homes (attached row homes) as well as condos and single family homes.

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Want to buy a home with a Pool?

May 1st, 2014

Should you buy a home with a Pool?

Is it worth it to buy a home with a Pool in Northern Virginia?  You bet it is, even if you’ve never owned a home with a pool!

1. They are a great way to keep the kids at home

2. A perfect way to socialize and entertain!

3. They are just plain fun!

What do I need to know to buy a home with a Pool?

There are just a few things you need to know to buy a home with a pool:

1. What homes are available

2. How can I get in to see them

3. Who can I contact to inspect the pool before I buy it

Want to buy a home with a Pool?

I can help you find the right home and know the inspectors to ensure the pool is in good shape.

Here is a list of available homes with pools in Northern Virginia.  If you want info for other areas, contact me directly.

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Click here to view property grid.