How to find homes before they hit the market in Chantilly

How to find a home before they hit the market in Chantilly?

So you know, it is possible to find homes before they hit the market in Chantilly, but for now, the search engines won’t help.  We agents have inside websites, facebook pages as well as the ability to list and see homes before they hit the market in Chantilly, Va as well as many other areas around us in the DMV (District, Maryland & Virginia) area.  In fact, a new section in our listing agreement specifically asks sellers if they are willing to list their home “pre-market”.  This is something the seller must agree to before it is allowed.  Once allowed, the home can be marketed and therefore, found!

How can I find homes before they hit the market?

The easiest way is to inform your agent to look in certain areas at certain price points for homes in the new “coming soon” status in our MLS.  The next thing a good agent will do is to go to the “agent only” facebook pages and ask if anyone has an upcoming listing.  We agents really do work together to get your homes sold and so we love to communicate with other agents we know do good work and know how to get homes sold.  I contacted an agent today who I know specializes in a particular neighborhood and asked about any new listings of a particular style coming on the market soon.  As luck would have it, there is a home coming on the market tomorrow that fits my buyer’s criteria perfectly!  I’ve contacted them and will be in to see the home as soon as it’s active on the market.

What do agents do to let other agents know about homes before they hit the market in Chantilly?

We do exactly what you think, which is to post on agent only websites, call other agents who have reached out with interest in particular homes and list our upcoming homes in the MLS as “Coming soon”!  Unfortunately, if you are not an agent, you don’t have access to these sites, but below is an example of homes that have previously been listed as “Coming Soon”.  All the homes below are currently active for sale on the market here in Chantilly, Va.  If you have an area you’d like me to look into for your own purchase, and to find out what homes are coming on the market before they hit the market, let me know and I’ll send you some upcoming listings.   In the meantime, look at the list of currently active homes that were found before they hit the market!

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