Why I like living in Poplar Tree Estates

Life in Poplar Tree Estates

For over a dozen years I lived in Poplar Tree Estates and when I eventually did move, I only moved to another part of the neighborhood.   While I lived there I fell into the typical “sitcom” style life of the suburbs.  Friendly neighbors, neighborhood activities, like the bowling league, golf groups, Jock Day, tennis club and swim team duties.  I was part of a group that started the bowling league, more about that now:

Poplar Tree Estates Bowling League

The bowling league started when a few of us felt it would be a great idea to have the neighborhood get together once a month and all socialize while competing in a sport we could all do.  Who can’t bowl?  The idea was, use handicaps to keep things on a level playing field, open it up to the community and meet / socialize with other members of Poplar Tree Estates that we didn’t already know.  Well that first year only had about 2 dozen of us bowling, but ensuing years really took off.  We got up to 64 bowlers 1 year before tapering off to about 30-40 bowlers annually in our league.  It only meets once a month and it starts in September and ends in May (following the school year).  It still is going on and there is always room for a substitute if you only want to try it out.  Feel free to contact me if you want to find out more information about it.  We even have lessons we offered!

Poplar Tree Estates Golf League and tournament!

For about 10 years I ran a golf league on Tuesday evenings in the summer.  We would play at Twin Lakes Golf Course, meet around 5:30, get 9 holes in, then drink a beer or two and talk about our round.  As time went on, people wanted to play more than 9 holes, so we moved the start time up.  We managed to get anywhere from 12 -15 holes in , but realized if we didn’t start by 4-4:30, we weren’t getting in 18 holes.  The times moved up and the number of golfers moved down as most people had work and couldn’t get to the course as early as others and eventually there were only about 4 golfers, but there is room to bring it back.  Using the same theory as bowling, that we want to get to know our neighbors and socialize, we can bring this back.  I also ran a golf tournament for the neighborhood which had over 70 participants for a number of years.  Our proceeds went to the Jeffrey Virostek – Angel Kisses funds and we raised thousands of dollars for charity.

Schools in Poplar Tree Estates

WE have one of the best school pyramids in the Fairfax / Chantilly area right here in Poplar Tree Estates.  Poplar Tree elementary school is walking distance to most of the homes here as is Rocky Run Middle School.  The high school is Chantilly High and a couple of years ago was ranked the 69th best high school in the country!  Poplar Tree Elementary had the principle of the year for the state of Va about 10 years ago too!  All the teachers are very caring and do a great job in teaching our children.

Homes for sale in Poplar Tree Estates

The market turns over very quickly here in Poplar Tree Estates, but the best way to get word on a home for sale is by word of mouth thru the local Realtors (of which I am 1)!  For a complete list of immediately available homes in Poplar Tree Estates, look at the list below and call me for more information:


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